The Glory Goes to God

At Summer's Best Two Weeks

campers ages 8 through 18 compete in sports, explore creation on wilderness trips, participate in challenging activities, and build relationships with one another. Counselors are Christian athletes who love kids and model Christ to them in everything they do. Through it all, campers learn what a life lived for Jesus Christ looks like.

Some of my best memories are at SB2W! This place is a slice of heaven here on earth and I feel extremely confident in the staff and leadership, it really is the best!
It’s the best place on earth where Christian leaders are mentored and raised.
SB2W is a greenhouse of growth. Campers are nurtured and pointed to the Lord in every situation, whether in the sports arena or in group bible studies.
I can’t say enough about SB2W. It is the “best place on earth” according to my kids. The staff and counselors are incredible, and the glory is truly given to God.
Excellent facility, top notch staff, fun activities, intentional discipleship, unique culture. I highly recommend this camp!
A fantastic experience for my ten year old! I’m so thankful for the way he grew in Christ and the counselors that set such a wonderful example for him!
The name is perfect as it has been the summers best two weeks for my children. Not sure words are enough to describe how much this place means to us.
My daughters LOVE SB2W. It’s a been phenomenal experience for them. The counselors are wonderful and the activities are confidence building and look so fun I wish I could go.
It is a great place to see young people grow and mature. It’s one of my favorite places in the USA. Go Romans!
SB2W is amazing! My girls have gone for the past 5 years & love every minute of friendships, fun and faith experiences. The counselors are top-notch and the atmosphere is like no other!
Great place for kids and counselors to grow in their faith and be stretched in their commitment and love for our God!
My 10 year old daughter had an incredible time. She came home with a big smile on her face and lots of talk about loving the Lord!